Romeo and Juliet in Michigan, Usa

This a nice poster mad by kids in one of the classes in Michigan, it stands for many of the topics discussed during the project!


Kids from Michigan have connected kids in Argentina to talk and reflect about conflict in Romeo and Juliet and in present times.

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The connection was great and the questions they discussed are the following:

  1. Where is your country located?
  2. What does Theme in literature refer to?
  3. Conflict is one of the main themes in Romeo and Juliet, What examples can you mention of conflict in the play?
  4. What about conflict today? What kind of conflicts do you have?
  5. How can conflict be solved?

Both classes could exchange opinions and they came to some conclusions:

Some Conflicts can be avoided. Kids in both classes have similar problems. Bullying is a global conflict. Conflicts can be solved talking and listening to the other person involved!

These  conclusions are really interesting  Don´t you think?



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