Romeo and Juliet in Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

How would Juliet dance in a party today? #dancechallenge

Kids in Ms Albarracin´s class say:

“Can you imitate our coreography? You can also send us your videos with the lyrics that follow Taylor´s Swift song: Love story.”

Miss Albarrecín has shared this video with her class. Taylor Swift had a boyfriend who was not accepted by her family and friends.She wrote this song inspired on Romeo and Juliet.

Who can notice a significant difference between her story and Juliet´s?

Can you  imagine Montagues and Capulets celebrate the end of their fighting. What do they say to each other? Can you create your own version?

cr3rvyvw8aafb5s-1This is a class from Palermo, Buenos Aires. They are Miss Belén´s students. Boys look very cool! Don´t you think?