Romeo and Juliet in Bournemouth, England

Interesting contribution by the Bloor kids! Follow the Who is Who chart…chart


Romeo & Juliet, the Balcony Scene – Reimagined!

Eight year old Romeo serenading his sister. In this picture you can see two of the Bloor kids, there is something very interesting about them,in fact they do not go to school, they do Homeschooling!

Read about them!

“Hi everyone, we are Planet Bloor! We are a homeschooling family in England. There are 4 of us altogether and we are aged 15, 12, 10 and 8. We are really excited to always be involved in these global projects!

What is homeschooling?

Homeschooling is learning at home rather than at school. You learn the same subjects as at school, but your parents teach you using books and sometimes online resources.

Why do we like homeschooling?

  • We don’t have a strict timetable for when we study. If it’s a nice morning we might go for a walk or something else, and instead study more in the afternoon.
  • We don’t have to travel to and from school everyday or wear school uniforms.
  • We can do science experiments and other activities alongside our siblings.
  • We have more time to take care of our pets and other responsibilities.
  • We also choose the subjects that we like to study. For eg, Trafford is only 15 but he is already doing a degree course in astronomy (BSc Hons)

What don’t we like about homeschooling?

  • We don’t get to talk to or play with our friends everyday. However, we do weekly “activities” to make up for this

Would we go back to school if we could?

  • No, there are far more good things than bad things about homeschooling, so we would rather continue homeschooling.

A typical day (or as typical as it gets):

At 9-10am we start studying for the day, and we continue until about 12pm with one or two breaks in between. Then we have lunch, before studying for 2-3 hours again. Sometimes we have a project to do, so we do this in the afternoon instead of normal study.
However, the older you are, the more work you have. The youngest, Lincoln, doesn’t do as much as Trafford. He is usually done by lunchtime.