Romeo and Juliet in Adrogue, Buenos Aires, Argentina

These kids have met the class in Michigan to reflect and exchange ideas about conflict in Romeo and Juliet and conflict today.
Here you can see some of the pics. It has been really intersting to see that in both countries kids may have the same kind of conflicts!
Today this class from Argentina has met the class from Texas and they could exchange some ideas about the story of Romeo and Juliet


Four students read the balcony scene. They did  readers theatre.

Have a look at the readers!img_7169

(As you may notice there was a problem with the connection but they have found the solution)

And have a look at the audience!img_7162

How would Romeo and Juliet dance in present times?

Kids took on the new challenge #dancechallenge

In this picture you can see kids comparing some adaptations and the original text of Romeo and Juliet. As you can see, they have been working really hard, and they know a lot!

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Kids in Argentina are  going to use a digital tool to summarise each act and make their own adaptation!

Are you ready for this challenge? 🙂

This week in #globalrj, the class first objective has been to create their OWN version of Romeo and Juliet!

They read a funny comic adaptation about R&J: click here to see the website. It has many more funny Shakespeare summaries!rj-three-panels

One of the classes has worked using the tool Storyboard!

Click here and enjoy!!


In this school in Argentina the children worked on Shakespeare.The big question that triggered of the project is:

Why do we read Shakespeare´s plays 400 hundred years after his death?

Looking for this answer they have worked with his biography and made a digital timeline  using a tool called HSTRY. We’ll share it with other classes and try to collaborate with them to make it more interesting and complete!


Last week the kids watched a video on Romeo and Juliet and they loved the story!

Read this quote and think about its meaning. Can you explain what she meant with your own words?romeo___juliet_by_cho_oka

Now watch both balcony scenes and find similarities and differences between both movies.

There are two  5 grade classes  in Colegio Newlands, located in a town called Adrogué in southern Buenos aires,ready to work in a global team!

Meet class 1

“Hello from Argentina!We are 5th Green grade. We study at Newlands Junior School in Buenos Aires, Adrogué. We are 25 students and we are really excited about starting this global collaborative project.We would like to know more about the rest of the classes. How did you feel when you knew that you were going to take part in this global project? We are really happy about it!”

Meet class 2


“Hi! We are 5th Blue grade Newlands Junior School in Buenos Aires, Adrogué, Argentina. We are 25 students. We are 10 and 11 years old. We are really friendly, very talkative, and we would like to know more about the rest of the classes in this project. We are anxious to learn about Shakespeare and “Romeo and Juliet”!”

                                                                                                   By the kids

Some of our expectations for the project are:5thblue

Kids have already started doing research.They are really interested reading about Shakespeare´s life