Romeo and Juliet in Kansas, Usa

Shakespeare is world famous and here you can read a timeline with information about his life and work    TIMELINE sh-child

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Answer questions and have fun!


How did kids in Kansas learn about Romeo and Juliet´s story?

Students compare and contrast a synopsis of the play by 2 different sources.
  1. They watch the 2 videos about Romeo and Juliet. One video is a great summary of the story.The other video is taken from an old show called the “The Andy Griffith Show”.
  2. Students compare and contrast the 2 videos. Summarize what the story of Romeo and Juliet is all about from watching the videos.
  3. Then tell the teacher in their own words which video they feel helped them learn about the play more than the other.


“We are a class at Piper Middle School. We are in 7th grade with 25 students in this elective class. We live in Kansas City, Kansas. Mrs. Friesen is our teacher.  We are very excited to take part in this global project.  We can’t wait to connect with other classes around the world!”                         By the class

This photo is fantastic!  Here students are giving  their best Shakespeare pose!


Romeo and Juliet in Australia

Look  at the interesting work that these  kids are doing! Analysing the characters of              Romeo and Juliet.  Who is your favourite one?

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This book made by the class and all the literary analysis they have done!




Here we have the class from Australia , their teacher Miss Bronwyn told us that these kids know a lot about character emotions and traits and that they are making a big book to record their “Global Journey”

Romeo and Juliet in Michigan, Usa

This a nice poster mad by kids in one of the classes in Michigan, it stands for many of the topics discussed during the project!


Kids from Michigan have connected kids in Argentina to talk and reflect about conflict in Romeo and Juliet and in present times.

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The connection was great and the questions they discussed are the following:

  1. Where is your country located?
  2. What does Theme in literature refer to?
  3. Conflict is one of the main themes in Romeo and Juliet, What examples can you mention of conflict in the play?
  4. What about conflict today? What kind of conflicts do you have?
  5. How can conflict be solved?

Both classes could exchange opinions and they came to some conclusions:

Some Conflicts can be avoided. Kids in both classes have similar problems. Bullying is a global conflict. Conflicts can be solved talking and listening to the other person involved!

These  conclusions are really interesting  Don´t you think?



Would you like to know about their MASCOT?


Romeo and Juliet in Alabama, Usa


Ms Tyner´s students attend her class once per week, so each grade has planned different ways to participate in this project.
This short video shows 4th and 5th graders work in process.Peep a little bit!

Global Project – Mrs. Tyner’s Class from Margie Tyner on Vimeo.


This beautiful picture is of a 4 grade class from Alabama. They are ready to share experiences while working on Romeo and Juliet!


This is a fantastic picture!! 6grade students wearing creative masks to say HELLO  to all of us!

Romeo and Juliet in Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

How would Juliet dance in a party today? #dancechallenge

Kids in Ms Albarracin´s class say:

“Can you imitate our coreography? You can also send us your videos with the lyrics that follow Taylor´s Swift song: Love story.”

Miss Albarrecín has shared this video with her class. Taylor Swift had a boyfriend who was not accepted by her family and friends.She wrote this song inspired on Romeo and Juliet.

Who can notice a significant difference between her story and Juliet´s?

Can you  imagine Montagues and Capulets celebrate the end of their fighting. What do they say to each other? Can you create your own version?

cr3rvyvw8aafb5s-1This is a class from Palermo, Buenos Aires. They are Miss Belén´s students. Boys look very cool! Don´t you think?



Romeo and Juliet in Brasilia, Brazil

Julia and Matheus ( Romeo and Juliet) have been reflecting upon the theme of conflict.


They share their opinions :

From an individual perspective

(Júlia Carvalho)

  • What causes conflicts between you and your family ? And between peers?

My parents don´t like some of my friends and worry too much about places I want to go and we also have conflicts about spending more time with my family.

  • How are these conflicts best resolved?

They are best resolved through conversations.

  • How can this help us  understand conflict in Romeo and Juliet?

Parents should listen to their children more often, respect their wishes and respect their ability to judge what is best for themselves.

  • Why do  conflicts in Romeo and Juliet begin? Were some conflicts  inevitable?  Are these kind of conflicts usual today?

Because of the rivalry between the two families.

By Julia

From an individual perspective

(Matheus Brito)

  • What causes conflicts between you and your family ? And between peers? How are these conflicts best resolved?

 The conflicts that happen in my family usually are about different opinions  we have. My classmates have different opinions when  we discuss about abortion. I think that we should respect each other’s opinion.  

  • .How can this help us  understand conflict in Romeo and Juliet?

I believe that if they put aside their pride and respect others there would be peace

  • Why do  conflicts in Romeo and Juliet begin? Were some conflicts  inevitable?  Are these kind of conflicts usual today?

Because Juliet and Romeo’s families hated each other without any strong reason. Nowadays there are too many  conflicts between parents and children, even though sometimes parents just want to protect their children, their children don’t see it that way.

By Matheus

From a global perspective

  • Are there conflicts in the world?

Yes, there are a lot.

  • Are people tolerant enough to allow people to live with differences?

In some countries people are more tolerant than others.

By Julia and Matheus

After reading these reflections analyse the following quote and think what your opinion is about it! Do you agree with it?




We are the teachers: Monique and Renata Madureira and our students who are participating on this project are Julia as Juliet and Matheus as Romeu. We’re from Brasilia, which is the capital of Brazil.

 Julia and Matheus are already writing a script for a short video.

Julia is 15 and Matheus 18. There are also some drawings from some of our younger students I used to illustrate the post.  




Romeo and Juliet in Bournemouth, England

Interesting contribution by the Bloor kids! Follow the Who is Who chart…chart


Romeo & Juliet, the Balcony Scene – Reimagined!

Eight year old Romeo serenading his sister. In this picture you can see two of the Bloor kids, there is something very interesting about them,in fact they do not go to school, they do Homeschooling!

Read about them!

“Hi everyone, we are Planet Bloor! We are a homeschooling family in England. There are 4 of us altogether and we are aged 15, 12, 10 and 8. We are really excited to always be involved in these global projects!

What is homeschooling?

Homeschooling is learning at home rather than at school. You learn the same subjects as at school, but your parents teach you using books and sometimes online resources.

Why do we like homeschooling?

  • We don’t have a strict timetable for when we study. If it’s a nice morning we might go for a walk or something else, and instead study more in the afternoon.
  • We don’t have to travel to and from school everyday or wear school uniforms.
  • We can do science experiments and other activities alongside our siblings.
  • We have more time to take care of our pets and other responsibilities.
  • We also choose the subjects that we like to study. For eg, Trafford is only 15 but he is already doing a degree course in astronomy (BSc Hons)

What don’t we like about homeschooling?

  • We don’t get to talk to or play with our friends everyday. However, we do weekly “activities” to make up for this

Would we go back to school if we could?

  • No, there are far more good things than bad things about homeschooling, so we would rather continue homeschooling.

A typical day (or as typical as it gets):

At 9-10am we start studying for the day, and we continue until about 12pm with one or two breaks in between. Then we have lunch, before studying for 2-3 hours again. Sometimes we have a project to do, so we do this in the afternoon instead of normal study.
However, the older you are, the more work you have. The youngest, Lincoln, doesn’t do as much as Trafford. He is usually done by lunchtime.

Romeo and Juliet in Adrogue, Buenos Aires, Argentina

These kids have met the class in Michigan to reflect and exchange ideas about conflict in Romeo and Juliet and conflict today.
Here you can see some of the pics. It has been really intersting to see that in both countries kids may have the same kind of conflicts!
Today this class from Argentina has met the class from Texas and they could exchange some ideas about the story of Romeo and Juliet


Four students read the balcony scene. They did  readers theatre.

Have a look at the readers!img_7169

(As you may notice there was a problem with the connection but they have found the solution)

And have a look at the audience!img_7162

How would Romeo and Juliet dance in present times?

Kids took on the new challenge #dancechallenge

In this picture you can see kids comparing some adaptations and the original text of Romeo and Juliet. As you can see, they have been working really hard, and they know a lot!

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Kids in Argentina are  going to use a digital tool to summarise each act and make their own adaptation!

Are you ready for this challenge? 🙂

This week in #globalrj, the class first objective has been to create their OWN version of Romeo and Juliet!

They read a funny comic adaptation about R&J: click here to see the website. It has many more funny Shakespeare summaries!rj-three-panels

One of the classes has worked using the tool Storyboard!

Click here and enjoy!!


In this school in Argentina the children worked on Shakespeare.The big question that triggered of the project is:

Why do we read Shakespeare´s plays 400 hundred years after his death?

Looking for this answer they have worked with his biography and made a digital timeline  using a tool called HSTRY. We’ll share it with other classes and try to collaborate with them to make it more interesting and complete!


Last week the kids watched a video on Romeo and Juliet and they loved the story!

Read this quote and think about its meaning. Can you explain what she meant with your own words?romeo___juliet_by_cho_oka

Now watch both balcony scenes and find similarities and differences between both movies.

There are two  5 grade classes  in Colegio Newlands, located in a town called Adrogué in southern Buenos aires,ready to work in a global team!

Meet class 1

“Hello from Argentina!We are 5th Green grade. We study at Newlands Junior School in Buenos Aires, Adrogué. We are 25 students and we are really excited about starting this global collaborative project.We would like to know more about the rest of the classes. How did you feel when you knew that you were going to take part in this global project? We are really happy about it!”

Meet class 2


“Hi! We are 5th Blue grade Newlands Junior School in Buenos Aires, Adrogué, Argentina. We are 25 students. We are 10 and 11 years old. We are really friendly, very talkative, and we would like to know more about the rest of the classes in this project. We are anxious to learn about Shakespeare and “Romeo and Juliet”!”

                                                                                                   By the kids

Some of our expectations for the project are:5thblue

Kids have already started doing research.They are really interested reading about Shakespeare´s life

Romeo and Juliet in Texas, Usa.

Second graders in Texas are doing the analysis of the play.

They are working on the story map, focusing on characters, setting, conflict and resolution.

These pictures show how these second graders analyse the events in the story.

Can you think of  5 main events in Romeo and Juliet?




¡Hola! Nosotros somos niños y niñas de segundo grado. Nuestra escuela se llama Sigler.

Nosotros  vivimos en Plano, Texas. Somo estudiantes bilingües porque hablamos español e ingles.

Nuestra maestra la Sra. DeBoer nos dijo que vamos a participar en un proyecto con niños de diferentes países. ¡Estamos muy emocionados de conocerlos!

This great group in Texas has designed a lovely board! Can you see your class picture there?


What do you know about Shakespeare?